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Once all objectives have been established, a process has to be put in place that allows everyone to track their progress. This is an important step for employees, as they need access to their progress so that they can deliver it when the time comes for the review progress. Managers need to be made aware of the progress, too, so that they can provide further resources or assistance if the objectives target is in danger of being missed. There will be occasions when managers have not been made aware of all the steps involved in reaching certain objectives. Being able to access documentation from previous projects will assist in moving them closer to being properly prepared come review time. Placing tracking objectives in a centralized location helps in a number of ways, such as:

  • The ability to manage and reassess objectives as needed
  • The creation of action plans that include milestones for much larger objectives
  • The ability to track the amount of time spent on specific tasks, making sure that the most meaningful stay at the forefront.
Objectiveli Tracking Objectives

Objectiveli enforces SMART Objectives, and allows for setting up a frequency of updates for tracking objectives. The objectives can be assigned to another person with a pre-determined frequency of updates.


Objectiveli Objectives and Milestones

Objectiveli allows for creation of Milestones for larger objectives.






Objectiveli is a software application which manages goals and objectives, from setting, to managing and tracking them. Objectiveli is designed so that its easy to share and get opinions of the team, by bringing them in as observers and stakeholders.

Objectiveli; Driving Outcomes that matter, fulfilling your Goals and Objectives, instead of losing focus; managing day-to-day emergencies and “things to do”. For a limited time Objectiveli is offering its application for free, signup from their website at

Project Tender
Project Tender

It is best for me........WOW Such a great news for me.........


You made the most important thing in the working of a business so easy. As the most difficult thing in a business is taking a right step to achieve your goals, as all the entrepreneurs are always in lieu to achieve success in whatever they do. And getting guidance for it makes this easier.

Steven P
Steven P

Just amazed by the great features of this app, especially this one. Getting everything in right place and frequency develops a feeling of certainty of success of goals in our minds. So it may be considered as a very important aspect of this application.

George Fotion
George Fotion

I'm looking forward to reading more on this.  I appreciate you following me at @homeispv  One of the biggest challenges I've had with computer based goal setting applications is that for a goal setting system to work, you have to have the goals up in front of you - posted on the wall, on your door, in your office, heck even your bathroom mirror to see when you wake up in the morning.  I read somewhere that you address this and I will be interested in learning more @Objectiveli

-george fotion

Objectiveli moderator

 @George Fotion  @Objectiveli I agree with you. I think existence of Goals and Objectives are essential. That is why we recommend adding observers to your goals, and when you create an objective, assign it to yourself with say a reminder to update frequency of say a week. Soon we will have Objectiveli on all mobile platforms, and would be constant reminder of your goals and objectives.