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The new version of Objectiveli adds some great new features including Attachments, better handling of Observers, Objective Assignment & Reminders, Better Filtering, and a new email format.  Read on for all the details.

You can now attach files to Goals, Objectives and Updates using Objectiveli.  When you attach a file, all of your observers will receive a link to the file in their email. Unfortunately you cannot send attachments with update emails, due to security and virus considerations. Documents are stored securely in Amazon’s cloud storage.

Adding Observers/ Stakeholders Across Groups
You can now invite people to your Goals and Objectives by their email address, even if they have an account on Objectiveli with the same email address. Objectiveli keeps the goals separate based on the team you are on, you can see the teams on the top right. For example if you are in the Supply Chain group in a company, you can invite someone from the Finance group who has their own set of Goals and Objectives.

Assigning Objectives and Update Frequency
In addition to assigning Objective to a person, you can now set an Update Frequency, and the Assignee with receive an email reminder periodically.  If the assignee does not update the Objective, you and the Assignee will be notified by email on the next day.

More on Filters
We have 3 filers [C] where you are the Creator, [A] where you are the assignee and [O] where you are an observer. The 3 filers are designed to work together. For example if you want to see only the Objectives where you are an assignee, click on [C] and [O]. If you do not want to see where you are an observer click on [O] and that would filter out all the places that you are an observer.

Improved Email Messages
We have made the template cleaner and it now includes images, making it easier to see Update, Goal, Objective, and Milestone information at a glance.  Emails also contain secure links to attachments, so you can view files attached to Updates, Goals, and Objectives directly from your smartphone.

Be sure to turn on images to get the most out of the new email format.