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We all know that if we want to be successful we need to set both short-term and long-term goals, but most people don’t realise that they also need to manage goals and objectives to fulfil their vision. We live in a distracting world; we are constantly bombarded with a wide-array things to do, it’s no wonder that we lose track of our goals easily if we don’t have a system in place to manage  our goals and objectives on a regular basis.

If you want to achieve goals and objectives in your business, it’s crucial that you manage goals and objectives properly. It’s hard enough for one person to monitor their own progress when trying to reach their personal goals, but it becomes even more difficult when more one person, or a team of people, need to be involved and motivated to meet goals and objectives not necessarily set by themselves.

We all know this scenario; you’re working in a company and you attend a meeting where some goals are set, and in the meeting you feel excited about working toward those goals, but in the days and weeks that follow the goals fall to the wayside and are forgotten. This often happens, not because of a lack of motivation, but because there is no straightforward system in place to manage goals and objectives.

Staff can become unmotivated if they are constantly given goals to meet which subsequently aren’t met, or are met in an untimely manner. Managers can become frustrated with staff for not reaching set-goals by target dates. Companies need to put a system in place so company objectives can be tracked and realized in a straightforward and easy manner.

Some businesses use excel sheets, emails and post-it notes to keep track of their progress toward goals and objectives, but this system is unnecessarily messy and complicated. However, there is no reason to waste company time and money by forcing staff members to painstakingly fill in and keep track of excel sheets, emails from various people and notes left around the office, to monitor and manage goals. Disorganised goal management systems can cause people to lose focus. One solution to this problem is Objectiveli- an online web application that manages goals and objectives in real-time. Manage goals and objectives is very important, but it must be done efficiently in a way that doesn’t waste precious time or annoy participants.

Objectiveli keeps you and your work team focused on your goals at all times by providing unified visibility. Objectiveli gives you a single place to view and track the progress of objectives, eliminating the need for multiple emails, spreadsheets and notes around the office. When you use Objectiveli you can set goals and assign staff to those goals in an easy manner. You can also set milestones and integrate the application with emails so all correspondents about progress toward the goal can be view in one place.

Let’s take an example of how Objectiveli could help a business. The business sets a goal that all incoming sales leads must be contacted within 24 hours. This goal can be added to Objectiveli along with a description and set milestones. For example, ‘improving the company phone system’ could be the first milestone. A team-member can then be assigned to this goal. The team member can view the goal, milestones, progress, and any conversation and communication regarding the goal in one place. This means it is easy for staff to see how they are progressing toward the goal; there is no confusion about what they should be doing or what is expected of them. Managers will also enjoy the convenience of being able to manage goals and objectives in one place, leading to a happier more productive workplace.


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