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The modern agile companies have developed a nimble mindset to comprehend the current market trend. These businesses do not fear the rapid changes of the market. However, they take it has an opportunity to punch the competition down.  These agile companies adopt cascading of goals and objectives in their corporate management.

In any agile company, corporate goals and objectives are important goals. If the corporate goal is defined has a loyal customer, then the objectives, here are attracting more perfect clients, keeping up with the assurance given to client, and resolve the real problems of the client. This goal chain has to be understood by its entire people to make it a success.

The company wants its people to understand its goals and objectives, so it helps them promote cohesiveness among the organization. And this also helps the company achieve the desired results. 

The cascading of goals and objectives should be motivating the entire workforce. This includes all employees, agents, supporting organizations, and other partners to work collectively to implement the strategy and objectives defined by the corporate.    

Many companies, who want to have their objectives realized, try to motivate its employee by changing the compensation plan. This rework of the compensation plan fails to bring out the required results. The company fails to understand that it needs to eloquent its business objective in such a way that their personal contribution is essential for the realization of the company’s goal. 

In cascading of organizational goals and objective the process of setting up an individual scorecard makes the employee to perform better. This will set individual goals and performance indicators, which have tasks linked to company’s objective.  This card will reflect the individual’s performance over the period of time. It also helps them to be in line with their corporate goals and objectives. 

To achieve a greater cascading of goals and objectives the organization must try to enforce balance among its financial aspect, customer relationship, internal development, and in designing better objectives to focus on growth outlook.    

Some companies have successfully in cascading its employee’s objectives to that of the corporate goals to benefit from the breakthrough results.

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The company wants its people to understand its goals and objectives,

Objectiveli moderator

 @Bikash Bikash, its key for the company and the employees have alignment of their Goals and Objectives. Its Key that all have complete visibility of the Goals, and any change in the priority of the Goals.


Obviously if in an organization each and every factor which influence its objectives is communicated and then moving in line with objectives then the organization will reach their goals efficiently. And this scorecard method is really innovative for me. Much worthy post to read. Keep it up this good work. Natasha