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Goals arise in conversations and tend to disappear with time. This is true for your personal goals and goals that you make at work. A good example of that is our New Year Resolutions, they just seem to disappear. There are some who take the time to write stated goals, either on paper or on the computer in a word document. And then we file them aways or loose the diary/ post-its that we have written these goals on.

Large corporations in the US, have a practice of writing annuals goals (stated goals), once you write them, align with your manager, they are filled away, to be opened a year later during performance review. In todays economy and business environment company goals change, priorities change – and the goals that are filled away never change. Goals, MBO’s (Management by Objectives) have become an HR function than actually the whole organization living and breathing the current goals and objectives of a company.

We are present to the goals for a short amount of time, and than life happens, other things and concerns take our attention off the stated goals that we have created

We believe all our actions are fulfilling some goal (context, some issue or concern we have) that we have, even if we don’t declare them aloud. These goals and the ensuing actions take us away from the stated goals that we have created.

Having stated goals that you have created, in existence for you over time, gives you a beacon to choose between life-happening-goals and the stated goals that are fulfilling a larger context.

We have designed Objectiveli, an application that manages and tracks all your goals and objectives – with that key functionality in mind. It keeps the goal(context) always present and in existence, and increases the chances to fulfilling the goal. Objectiveli, allows for cascading goals and objectives, changes in priorities, or ending of certain goals which are not serving the company are communicated to all.