Objectiveli drives Outcomes that matter, fulfilling your Goals and Objectives, instead of managing “things to do”

Keeps your goals in sight at all times

Keeps your goals in sight at all times

Align on Goals & Objectives

Align on Goals & Objectives

Drives Outcomes instead of Managing Todo's

Drives Outcomes instead of Managing Todo's


Quick Look

Objectiveli is a web application with a simple, intuitive interface with a single purpose of managing your Goals and Objectives in one place, in Real-Time.


Objectiveli is a web application that manages all your goals and objectives in Real-Time. Objectiveli keeps you and your team focused on your goals by providing unified visibility at all times. Objectiveli gives you a single place to view and track the progress of your or assigned objectives, eliminating the need for email, spreadsheets and post-it notes.

Objectiveli drives Outcomes that matter, fulfilling your Goals and Objectives, instead of losing focus; managing day-to-day emergencies and “things to do”.

Goals & Objectives

Objectiveli provides a structure to accomplish your Goals and Objectives.


Our mission is to replace traditional email, spreadsheets & post-it notes as tools for managing goals and objectives, with applications which empower people to fulfill their visions, goals, and aspirations.

Our Philosophy

“It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious.”
– Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947) English philosopher and mathematician

Our philosophy is informed by how we, human beings, communicate with each other, in groups and organizations. We have been looking at how people state their vision and goals for their work and lives, but lose sight of their visions, goals and objectives in the day to day “doing” of life – emergencies, distracting concerns and too many “to-do items”.

How can we stay focussed on what really matters? How do we consistently and reliably take actions that are consistent with fulfilling the vision and goals?

Our Mission

We build systems that help people and companies fulfill goals.

Our mission is to replace traditional email, spreadsheets, and post-it notes as tools for managing goals and objectives, with applications which empower people to fulfill their visions, goals, and aspirations.

We do this by focusing on the conversations that drive outcomes in a single simple dashboard layout, where all stakeholders can see the unfolding of the Goals and Objectives, uncluttered by the process and things to do. Seamless technology, human-factors focused interfaces, and world-class customer service.

  • Ritu Raj

  • Co-Founder and CEO

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Ritu is a seasoned entrepreneur. Prior to Objectiveli, he founded OrchestratorMail, an application to coordinate over email, prior to that Wag Hotels, the largest upscale dog hotels in the world. Before that he was a partner at Accenture, prior to that he founded Avasta, one of the first cloud computing companies acquired by Navisite and before that he was a SVP at TMP worldwide.

Ritu loves design, philosophy of language and dogs.

  • Jonathan Yankovich

  • Co-Founder and CTO

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Jonathan has been developing products for 15 years. His experience in design, architecture, and user experience has informed products for clients like the State of New York and other high-profile government agencies.  Previous to Objectiveli, he implemented and then replaced a Siebel MME implementation with a custom product which is now a profit center in the fenestration industry. He has also created several productivity applications including Slicer and Last5.

Jonathan loves cycling, cooking, and meeting new people.



How do you Manage Goals and Objectives. Is there a simple application that can help set, manage, track and organize Goals and Objectives?

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